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New work from Jim Golden with styling by Karyn Fienich.

To Be Rural: Theo Stroomer documents life in a western community

"I have come to see the North Fork as a modern microcosm for the changes in my home state and the nation. It reflects the evolution of many western communities, incorporating the rich western traditions of it’s history into a unique and modern Colorado identity."


Congrats to all the Communication Arts Photography Annual 2014 winners! Check out all of the winning images from WM photographers here.

Sea kayaking in Alaska’s Prince William Sound. Photos by Hage Photo.


Returned yesterday from a couple of days in New Orleans. I took along my Fuji X100s and grabbed a few shots here and there in the French Quarter. What a great city. Always love visiting there and already looking forward to my next visit.



I’ve met a few legends lately, and it’s been pretty awesome (see Leonard Nimoy). But I’m not going to lie, I was kinda geeking out when I was hired to photograph Matthew Weiner (“Mad Men”) and Vince Gilligan (“Breaking Bad”) together for an article in The Wrap. I mean, these guys created two iconic shows, both of which have huge followings, both of which are filmed with an exquisite mix of darkness and light, both of which I’ll confess to having binge-watched over ice cream and alcohol.

So what can you do with two legendary writer/directors, a svelte budget, and 45 minutes in a hotel ballroom? Make friends with the wallpaper and shoot the hell out of it. 

They were incredibly game, too, and could not have been more pleasant.

Thanks to Creative Director William Scalia for thinking of me for it!