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New work from Jim Golden with styling by Karyn Fienich.

To Be Rural: Theo Stroomer documents life in a western community

"I have come to see the North Fork as a modern microcosm for the changes in my home state and the nation. It reflects the evolution of many western communities, incorporating the rich western traditions of it’s history into a unique and modern Colorado identity."


Lisa Corson shows us a multi-million dollar home tucked away in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle.

Check out the series of images, and the challenge it what to get them, on today’s blog: http://blog.wonderfulmachine.com/2014/07/jungle-living/

Still haven’t gotten over your World Cup fever? Check out these images of Jürgen Klinsmann and the US team from LA-based photographer Manuello Paganelli:

One last time I reminded my agency that I didn’t do any sports action photos but the agency replied was that Spiegel wasn’t after that at all, they just wanted for me to be a fly on the wall and capture in a reportage style Coach Jürgen Klinsmann. The catch was to do it as if I was invisible since the coach didn’t like his photos taken and didn’t want a photographer around him.

Towards the end of the trip, after me dodging and trying to make sure the coach didn’t see me or my assistant at all, at one moment, coach Klinsmann approached me said hello and with a warm gesture added, ‘You must be Spiegel’s photographer… Paganelli that is your name, right? So glad to have you around … just make us look good.’ —Manuello Paganelli

The Softer Side of Sherwin Williams. Photo by Jim Golden Studio.
#jimgoldenstudio #SherwinWilliams #HGTV #stilllife #photography

The Softer Side of Sherwin Williams. Photo by Jim Golden Studio.

#jimgoldenstudio #SherwinWilliams #HGTV #stilllife #photography

Congrats to all the Communication Arts Photography Annual 2014 winners! Check out all of the winning images from WM photographers here.

Sea kayaking in Alaska’s Prince William Sound. Photos by Hage Photo.